Always Learning…

I was recently on one of my teaching trips back down to Orange County, California when a good friend of mine urged me to have a look at video he’d captured on his laptop.  It was a ‘TED Talks‘ session featuring Psychologist Kelly McGonigal speaking about some recent science she had come upon relating to stress.  The segment is about 14 minutes in length and talks in large part about your mindset’s effect on stress.  Here is the link:

I was particularly interested in what she had to say about oxytocin and the social contexts associated with it’s release into our systems.  When I marry this science up to the separate information about ‘telomerase’ showing up to repair our stress-worn & shrinking ‘telomeres’ – I can’t help but bowing my head in reverence to the miracle of life.  (Information about our telomeres presented in link relating to ‘Stress: Portrait of a Killer’.)

In terms of recovery – I can certainly attest to the power of reaching out to help others.  Human connection is a very powerful tool for healing and strength.  I must have some oxytocin flowing in my veins!

Until next time…

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