My Resilience Model


This is what it looks like…so a few things need saying for a proper introduction.

I think most people feel fortified in their resilience to stressors using one of these strategies.  I believe that a comprehensive approach is worth considering.  Being able to develop some personalized skillsets in multiple strategic approaches will enable you to address anything that life can to throw at you.

Be aware that only one strategy of this collection will have any direct and intentional effect on a given stressor – and that would be ‘Problem Solving’.  All of the other strategies have no direct effect on the stressor, however they all have a significant effect on the stressor’s target – YOU!  As we work to develop your varied skillsets – keep in mind that this might be hard work.  It’s very personal because we are all individuals and must find our own unique best practices.  For example: I might like running for exercise and you might prefer swimming or biking. So experiment to find what works for you.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  Developing a balanced approach may take some time.  I suggest that you look at the model and recognize what you are doing now, and what strategies you are not employing.  The purpose of this site, is to encourage you to expand into these other areas and using ‘baby steps’, try developing a new skillset in that strategy.  I’m going to be discussing each strategic category in deeper detail to discuss it’s role in mitigating the stress reaction that we all experience.

I’m going to suggest that you take some time and watch a National Geographic Presentation called, “Stress: Portrait of a Killer”.  It’s available on YouTube and is about an hour long.  It will set the stage and lay some foundations of understanding upon which we can build.  Here is the link: