Healing with a Healthy Hyphen

The Dash Poem (Read by Author) Linda’s web site: www.LindaEllis.life – YouTube


A number of years ago I attended the funeral of a friend and heard for the first time a eulogy that included the reading of a beautiful poem written by Linda Ellis – “The Dash”.  It had the impact of shifting my entire paradigm.   If you don’t know it – check it out!  Then this past weekend, I saw a story on the BCTV Global Morning News that was about somebody clearly living on the path of “The Dash”.

The story featured a new young author, Christie Lea, who has written a Children’s Picture Book titled, “Safe in Starry Arms”.  The book was written to help children with issues of anxiety, mental health and through a journey of recovery.  Link: www.christieleaauthor.com

I was blown away to learn that Christie Lea had been a busy first responder as a 911 call-centre dispatcher until a couple of years ago when she was ‘taken out of that game’ with a diagnosis of Complex PTSD.  I would say now  that Christie Lea is winning her battles against the stigma that associates with mental illness.  I can also say from personal experience (and now with Christie Lea’s effort) that a recovery really gains traction when we reach out to honestly help someone else.  The poem speaks it clearly; a contemplation of our dashes can produce some really healthy lifetime hyphens!  Well done, Christie Lea!